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Help save the bees and grow WA active honey for health and profit.

“International markets are buzzing over mānuka honey, creating real opportunities for our producers”
Hon. David Littleproud MP, Federal Minister for Agriculture & Water Resources

Farm Plantation Partnerships

From 2010 to 2021, New Zealand’s Manuka honey industry grew from an estimated value of 75 million dollars to over 1 billion. Global demand continues to grow for this incredibly versatile product made by honey bees from a particular variety of Leptospermum. Currently, Australia’s entire honey bee industry is valued at 99 million dollars annually.

But, did you know that a variety of WA’s own native Leptospermum creates “active” honey identified as up to four times more potent than the famous Manuka variety?

Our Wheatbelt region is considered a “geographical ‘hotspot’ for the production of Leptospermum honey with high levels of antibacterial activity” according to Cokcetin N et al (2019): Active Australian Leptospermum Honey: New sources and their bioactivity.

Bee Central is now partnering with farmers throughout WA’s Wheatbelt region to plant and manage Leptospermum plantations on their land. That way, WA farmers can be at the forefront of what is to become a major segment of the Australian agricultural industry, and families can continue to steward their land for many more generations to come.

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How it works

“In this day and age, it's nice to diversify. It’s a natural product that we find unique and would be good for our environment. However, the biggest benefits from the partnership is with the bees, they are a critical part of our farming operation.”

Wayne Collins, Tamma Hill Farm, York

Discover if your land is suitable to grow a sustainable plantation and partner with Bee Central to plant, manage, harvest, and market this lucrative crop.

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Tree Planting Service

We don’t just plant honey trees in our quest to save the bees in Australia! Bee Central can also plant a wide variety of native plants to help vegetate and regenerate your land. From saltbush for stock feed to woodland windbreaks, we can help you develop a planting plan to suit your goals for your farm.

We research, source, and advise on the best-suited plants for your property, determining the proper planting method and time of year for your project. And the great thing about native plantings is there’s little to no maintenance once established.

By replanting and regenerating your land, you may qualify for Australian Carbon Credits. Read more here.

To assess your farm’s native plant needs and receive a free quote, get in contact to book an in-person meeting on your property.
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