World Bee Day celebrations 2022

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On May 20th, 2022 World Bee Day is celebrated around the globe. Our understanding of bees’ impact on our food security, and ecological and personal health has grown dramatically in recent decades due to increasing research and growing public awareness.


Here in Australia, there are many things you enjoy every day that you might not realise rely on our hardworking bees.


  • Avocados
  • Pears
  • Strawberries
  • Almonds
  • Sunflowers


… and so much more


Since its inception in 2018, the purpose of World Bee Day is to highlight the importance of bees to both our ecosystems and food security. As well as provide opportunities for people to celebrate the many ways bees contribute to our daily lives.


Significance of Bees

Healthy ecosystems


Australia has some of the most biodiverse and pristine ecosystems on the planet. These pristine environments are vital to maintaining the health of our bees that are susceptible to diseases common in other countries, though thankfully mostly absent here in Australia.


In addition to honey bees that are migrated by beekeepers to pollinate our food crops. Australia also boasts 2000 different types of native bees that pollinate our indigenous flora, which in turn feed our incredible Australian wildlife. Ultimately, bees are a keystone species that impact many different facets of our natural environment.


Food security


Bees are thought to pollinate almost one-third of Earth’s food crops. With our global population increasing (projected to expand by another 30% in the coming decades), their role is more critical than ever. Food security and the availability of a diverse range of high-quality food is undoubtedly necessary for human survival. The increasing pressure on our resources and the amount of food needed to be produced to feed everyone means we need to support our partners in food production however we can.


Celebration and Awareness


World Bee Day offers organisations and individuals all around the world an opportunity to create, promote, and participate in events that bring awareness to bee health. And highlight the importance of bees in our environment. That way, people can learn how to contribute to creating environments and behaviours that support bees and other pollinators


Do Your Part for the Bees


So this Friday, May 20th, 2022 see what World Bee Day activities are available to attend in your local area!


If you’re in WA, check out World Bee to find some fun events.



Also, the BICWA (Bee Industry Council of Western Australia) is also promoting events around the Perth region for May Honey Month, so head on over to their website and find one near you. 



Or visit the Bee Central Facebook page to see what events we’re most excited about.