Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program: Earn carbon credits.

In 2021 the Western Australian State Government introduced the Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program (CF-LRP). The program aims to harness the potential for WA’s agriculture industry in contributing to long-term sustainability by sequestering carbon in the landscape, which can then be traded as “carbon credits” by the carbon farmer.

Benefits of carbon farming:

  • Diversifying your income or assets 
  • Development of carbon-neutral products
  • Improve the quality of the land on your farm
  • Build habitats for birds, pollinators, and other wildlife
  • Create a net-zero emissions agri-business
  • Contribute to long-term land health and sustainability 

This $15 million program has already run one successful round of participants and is planning to open for a second round in early 2022. Find more information and register your interest here.


Get your $10,000 carbon farming voucher.

In February 2022, the State Government created the Carbon for Farmers Voucher Program to help farmers in the South West land division of WA learn more about making the most of the CF-LRP initiative. Available for eligible projects that increase carbon storage, this voucher aids farmers in seeking advice on the right carbon farming investment opportunities and developing a vegetation or soil management strategy.

For detailed eligibility requirements and to register your interest, head on over here.

This program has only a short window for submissions that close on the 1st of April 2022, so jump in quickly if you want to take advantage.


Land restoration and how Bee Central can help.

Through our Farm Plantation Partnerships and contract Tree Planting Initiatives, Bee Central is revegetating agricultural land throughout the Wheatbelt. Planting and managing carbon-sequestering native trees and vegetation that help repair local ecosystems, revitalise depleted soils, and increase the profitability of your farm.

Our unique range of services presents a significant opportunity to participate in this ground-breaking Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program.

Contact Us to find out how planting trees can move you towards a more sustainable and profitable future for your farm.