5 ways you can help The Orangutan Project change the world.


The famous Leuser lowlands ecosystem in North Sumatra is one of the last remaining homes to many critically endangered animals, including Sumatran orangutans, rhinoceros, elephants, and tigers. Yet, despite being such a critical habitat and a system that provides clean water for millions of people, this rainforest paradise is now at risk from the increasing interest from corporations and incursions of poachers.

Enter, The Orangutan Project.


What is The Orangutan Project?

Founded in 1998 by orangutan expert and environmental campaigner Leif Cocks, The Orangutan Project’s mission is “To ensure the survival of all orangutan species in their natural habitat and promote the welfare of all orangutans.”. Now, partnering with Forum Konservasi Leuser, The Orangutan Project is attempting to purchase over 250,000 acres of Leuser habitat to ensure its survival. 

So here are five great ways you can help The orangutan Project save our forests and critically endangered animals…


1. Matched donations

In an amazing gesture of dedication and generosity, when donating to the purchase of the Leuser Ecosystem land your money will be matched by climate change advocate Dr. Kushwin Ranjamani.

“I have been following Leif’s work in Indonesia for over a decade to protect endangered species and save Asia’s last great rainforests. We are already witnessing the drastic effects of climate change and the unprecedented consequence when humans invade wildlife habitats. Our children deserve a sustainable planet and I want to do my part to achieve this.”

What a way to easily double your impact!


2. Adopt an orangutan

For less than the cost of a movie ticket per month, you can play your part in aiding the survival of orangutans. With over 1000 orphaned or injured orangutans currently in care and their need for 24hr rehabilitation support, getting them healthy and back into the wild is a costly exercise.

You also get official updates on your adoptee every six months, plus you can track their adventures at jungle school online.

Hey, did you know that an orangutan adoption is tax-deductible in Australia?

Adopt your orangutan here.


3. Plant a forest

The trees in a forest provide food and habitat, but they are also a critical element in the forest ecosystem that stabilises soil and regulates rainfall. They also reduce the impact of CO2 emissions by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, then storing it as carbon. Supporting our global forests in an enduring way to help make a difference.

For as little as $10, you can adopt a tree as part of The Orangutan Project’s tree planting and reforestation program. In addition, you’ll receive a certificate acknowledging the contribution that will last your lifetime and benefit generations to come.

Plant a tree!


4. Volunteer your time or expertise

For Australian residents, there are volunteering opportunities across many of the major cities. Sign up as a volunteer starting from just six a month for six months undertaking all sorts of fun events and fundraising activities.

You can also volunteer in Indonesia.



5. Join the Resistance

“Every hour, 300 football fields of precious remaining forest is lost in Malaysia.” The Orangutan Project.

That equates to over three-quarters of the habitat home of orangutans, Sumatran tiger and Sumatran elephant gone in the last couple of decades alone. These forests are also home to indigenous peoples who are watching their livelihood and cultures destroyed.

One of the significant drivers of this devastation is the palm oil industry. Found in nearly 50% of packaged products worldwide from margarine to pizza dough, the palm oil industry is simply not sustainable if we want to save the habitat it is harvested from.

This importance of reducing the use of palm oil led The Orangutan Project to partner with Palm Oil Investigations to create the Palm Oil Resistance that lets you fight for those forests.

Various levels of resistance membership are available, from one-off payments to annual contributions. With your resistance membership, you get a range of materials that will help you educate on, fundraise for, and support the palm oil production resistance.


As you can see, you can support The Orangutan Project and make a massive difference in so many ways without even getting off the couch!


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