• Growing active honey in WA's Wheatbelt

Building healthy Australian honey bee populations for a better future.

Honey bees are the most prolific pollinators of commercial food crops and wild plants, and we know that maintaining healthy, disease-free bee populations is critical for our future. However, we have recently seen a concerning decline in honey bees in Australia and worldwide. With its isolation, biosecurity, and pristine natural environment, Western Australia has a rare opportunity to lead the way towards a healthy and sustainable future for bees worldwide.

Bee Central is now partnering with West Australian farmers to diversify their land use from traditional crops to plant 100% native active honey bee plantations superior to those found elsewhere. Thus, creating sustainable and profitable safe havens for bees throughout our Wheatbelt and making Western Australia truly Bee Central.

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“International markets are buzzing over mānuka honey, creating real opportunities for our producers”

Federal Minister for Agriculture & Water Resources the Hon. David Littleproud MP said.

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The Honey Bee Shed discovery centre. 

Advancing honey bee research in Australia.

In addition to partnerships being established with WA farmers, Bee Central is actively sourcing the funding required to build The Bee Shed, an educational and tourist attraction to be located in York, WA.

Through our working collaboration with the University of Western Australia, this centre for research will allow PhD students to further research bees and active honey. Helping support this lucrative industry for WA.

A discovery centre for all things bees

The Bee Shed will incorporate world-class interactive educational displays, an auditorium, a cafe, and a retail shop to engage and inspire visitors. Making available eating honey produced by West Australian beekeepers, medical-grade ‘active’ honey, as well as many other honey bee products such as cosmetics, pollen and essential oils.

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